Ways To Build Better Habits And Actually Stick To Them
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When we want to change to better ourselves and reach our goals, it can often seem easy at first. You say to yourself, “Ok! Let’s do this,” and the first few days go great. However, as time progresses, it’s as if you begin to lose steam and the motivation you once had in you starts to look like a thing of the past. How do we stop this?


There are a few methods to keep yourself on the straight and narrow to reach your goals without ever turning back. Remember these concepts and it will certainly help you to continue with your original motivation to be better!


Decide What’s Important To You

Sit down and figure out what’s most important to you. Think about why you’re making these goals and what kind of outcomes you want from building certain habits. If your goal is to open your own business, then consider the steps needed such as saving money, branding, hiring, finding a location, etc.


Essentially, make a map for yourself. You’ll more likely stick to it if you have a guide for your journey.


Take It One Step At A Time

You’ve probably heard this concept time and time again, but it really is one of the best pieces of advice for whenever you’re feeling discouraged. Sometimes you want to change everything at once and be hugely successful from one day to the next. Nevertheless, you can’t bend reality to your will.


Change your habits one day at a time and give yourself a generous amount of time to reach your goals. If you want to build your client base, then start with one hour each day to focus on just that. Don’t try to work on more than a few habits at first, you’ll overwhelm yourself.


Make Your Goals Reasonable 

On the topic of not overwhelming yourself, be sure that your habits and goals are reasonable. Don’t make crazy goals like aiming to be a multi-millionaire in two weeks, or opening 5 more franchises in 7 months. Be rational and set reachable standards for yourself.


Think about your skills and experience. For example, if you don’t know anything about the fast food industry, don’t open a McDonald’s franchise. If you know about vaping, open a vaping franchise instead.


Engage Others 

Just because this might be an internal goal you’re setting doesn’t mean that you have to do it all on your own. Let others know what you’re attempting to accomplish and take help that they may offer. This will also hold you accountable because nobody wants to let others know that they couldn’t stick to their goal.


Reward Yourself 

You deserve some praise every once in a while. So, after 30-60 days if you have noticed actual progress allow yourself to do a little self-indulgence. But, make sure it doesn’t break your habit immensely. For instance, if you’re trying to save money, don’t go out and splurge. Maybe take yourself out to dinner, but don’t reach for the most expensive thing on the menu.


Whatever your goals may be, remember these concepts in order to actually progress and not fall back into bad habits.