There Is A New Victory For E-Cigarettes
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Electronic cigarette versus dirty smelly normal cigarette buttsIn New York, a recent case was surprising to many people. A man was using his e-cigarette while in public on a subway platform and got cited for doing so. Instead of accepting this citation, he decided to fight it arguing that what he was doing was not smoking. The judge surprisingly agreed with the individual vaping. He argued that vaping from an e-cig does not fall into the category of smoking.


He proved how he was correct. He proved this by breaking down the actual New York state law. The law states that smoking is, “the burning of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe, or any other matter or substance which contains tobacco.” He noted how vaping does not fall into the same category. “An electronic cigarette neither burns nor contains tobacco.” Because of these very obvious facts, the judge sided with the electronic cigarette user. It is a relief to see that people in power are realizing that vaping is not smoking!


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