How The Workplace Is Changing
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There’s no question that the environment of the workplace has changed within the past 40…20…5 years! Innovation has made it so that the climate of the office is constantly changing. What does that mean for you? Whether or not you’re a manager or entry level employee, you have to adapt.


The Harvard Business Review found that collaboration is the area within the workplace that organizations around the world are working at. What they found in the survey were some pretty amazing statistics concerning investments in communication and collaboration:


  1. 72% said that “effective team communication” has grown more important over the past two years.
  2. 54% are investing in easier to-use collaboration solutions.
  3. 64% said that collaboration with external parties has also increased in importance.


Collaboration has certainly changed as the world of technology takes over how, when, and why we communicate. You can share ideas rapidly, across the world, in the blink of an eye. You can use tools such as video, email, smart phones, and text messaging.


So how does this make for a more productive work environment? As a leader, you want to empower employees and help them truly engage and innovate. As an employee, you want to be in a work environment where you feel energized and able to complete your job with success. And as a customer, you want a company to be able to easily address concerns.


Thus, you want to combine culture with technology. You need to embrace change and use it as a key tool to success. Here are two ways you might be able to achieve it.


Innovate Channels Of Communication


Collaborate with external parties and within your team via a group chat, video conference, email chain, group planning software, or social media. Having more sources of communication, makes for greater efficiency and collaboration. Take advantage of technology and you can have employees who reside on opposite ends of the world work together and make something amazing.


This tip can also boost communication with your customers! Open channels of communication that were never available before, like social media, on-demand customer service, online booking, and of course a website. Your customers are looking for instant communication/information nowadays.


Improve Employee Moral


Your employees should feel like they have the tools and the team to constantly be successful in everything they do. If they feel that innovation is stagnant and that communication is flawed, they might feel negatively which will reflect in their work. Keep your best and brightest employees always ready for innovation and efficiency by making sure the tools are available for them to prosper.


Promote communication and team building, not only through technology, but also with real life activities. Deliver online events and training. Offer flexible working environments where employees can get jobs done remotely.


Take advantage of technology to improve communication across the board. If you’re a current business owner, or even an employee, keep note of these tips so you can achieve your goals.


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